2022-232012-132002-031992-931982-831972-731962-63 121952-53 121942-43 1231932-33
2021-222011-122001-021991-921981-821971-721961-62 121951-52 121941-42 1231931-32
2020-212010-112000-011990-911980-811970-711960-61 121950-51 121940-41 121930-31
2019-202009-101999-001989-901979-801969-701959-60 121949-50 121939-40 123451929-30
2018-192008-091998-991988-891978-791968-691958-59 121948-491928-29 12
2017-182007-081997-981987-881977-781967-68 121957-58 121947-48
2016-172006-071996-971986-871976-771966-67 121956-57 121946-47
2015-162005-061995-961985-861975-761965-66 121955-56 121945-461935-36 123
2014-152004-051994-951984-851974-751964-65 121954-55 121944-451934-35 123
2013-142003-041993-941983-841973-741963-64 121953-54 121943-441933-34
2022-23 IIIIIIIVV2012-13 IIIIIIIV2002-03 IIIIIIIV1992-93 IIIIIIIV1982-83 III
2021-22 IIIIIIIVV2011-12 IIIIIIIV2001-02 IIIIIIIV1991-92 IIIIIIIV1981-82 III
2020-21 IIIIIIIVV2010-11 IIIIIIIV2000-01 IIIIIIIV1990-91 IIIIIIIV1980-81 III
2019-20 IIIIIIIV2009-10 IIIIIIIV1999-00 IIIIIIIV1989-90 IIIIIIIV1979-80 III
2018-19 IIIIIIIV2008-09 IIIIIIIV1998-99 IIIIIIIV1988-89 IIIIIIIV1978-79 III
2017-18 IIIIIIIV2007-08 IIIIIIIV1997-98 IIIIIIIV1987-88 IIIIIIIV1977-78 III
2016-17 IIIIIIIV2006-07 IIIIIIIV1996-97 IIIIIIIV1986-87
2015-16 IIIIIIIV2005-06 IIIIIIIV1995-96 IIIIIIIV1985-86 III
2014-15 IIIIIIIV2004-05 IIIIIIIV1994-95 IIIIIIIV1984-85 III
2013-14 IIIIIIIV2003-04 IIIIIIIV1993-94 IIIIIIIV1983-84 III


Champions League Champions League

European Cup

Europa League Europa League


European Supercup European Supercup

Club World Cup Club World Cup

Intercontinental Cup

Cup Winners' Cup Cup Winners' Cup

Mitropa Cup Mitropa Cup

Fairs Cup Fairs Cup

Champions Fairs Cup
The data is complete only for the spanish clubs

King's Cup King's Cup

Generalísimo Cup
Republic President Cup

Supercup Supercup

Promotion to 1st division Promotion to 1st division

Promotion to 2nd division Promotion to 2nd division

3rd division relegation 3rd division relegation

2nd division remain 2nd division remain

Promotion to 1 RFEF Promotion to 1 RFEF

Liga's Cup Liga's Cup

Liga's Cup 2nd Division Liga's Cup 2nd Division

Liga's Cup 2nd B Liga's Cup 2nd B

Intertoto Intertoto

The data is complete only for the spanish clubs

Latin Cup Latin Cup

The data is complete only for the spanish clubs

Eva Duarte's Cup Eva Duarte's Cup

Copa de Oro Argentina Copa de Oro Argentina

Conference League Conference League

Community Shield Community Shield

Charity Shield

DFL Supercup DFL Supercup