Why donate?

Since its first publication in January 2008, all the information offered in the BDFutbol website is free.

However, this does not mean that behind the development of the site some spendings are not required. In particular, Web hosting, domain, developer tools and software components from third-party, without mentioning the countless hours dedicated.

For that reason, I would appreciate if you could help with your donation to continue improving this web.

How to donate?

You have two options to choose from. First, by bank transfer, on the other by PayPal.

If you want to donate via bank transfer send an email to the address bdfutbol@gmail.com, and in a few hours you will receive a mail containing all the necessary information.

If you want to donate using PayPal use the following button. PayPal is useful if you already have a PayPal account. Note, however, that Paypal incurres a little fee that is deducted from your donation.