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BDFutbol is an independent website dedicated to the recopilation of data and statistics of football, including all the seasons from the first division (beginning from 1928-29), second division starting from season 1928-29 and second division B starting from season 1977-78. There is also data from all European competitions, both current and old. Finally, we also collected all data on the Spanish team, including its youth teams.

The database has been obtained by consulting both official sources and various newspaper archives, specialized publications and partners.

Photographs have been collected selflessly, either from websites, newspapers and newspaper archives, sports magazines (among which we should highlight Don Balón, Calendarios Dinámico and Marca guides), specialized authors books and sticker albums (Panini, ESTE, Bruguera, Ruiz Romero, Fher, etc.).

If we somehow violated the copyright of any person or company, we suggest to contact us to correct the mistake, understanding that it was not made voluntarily (much of the data and photos have been contributed by users and external partners) and with no problem it will be solved.


Squads: The squad is formed of all players from the first team who have belonged to it at some time since the beginning of the season (the date of the first match). Players from the secondary team are part of the first team's squad only if they compete or are called at least once in any competition.

Goal authoring: The author of a goal is the last player to touch the ball if he belongs to the team that scores. If it does not belong to the team that scores, it is an own goal only if the shot did not go to the goal or it would have been blocked by the goalkeeper, otherwise it is goal of the one that shoots. In the doubtful cases the official version is taken.

Yellow cards: The yellow card statistics counts only the first yellow cards. If a player receives a second yellow card, consequently being sent off, this one is not added to the total of yellow cards.

Honours: The players from the first team (numbers from 1 to 25) are considered winner of the competition whether or not they played any minute of it. The youth players or other players who have played at least one minute of the competition are also considered winner of it. The youth players who have not played in any game are not, even though they have been called up for a match. Players who were not in the squad at the time of short competitions (for example, Supercup or Club World Cup), are not considered winners either.

Team goals milestones: In the count of goals of the teams, only the official goals are counted, not those scored in the field. If the competition committee decrees a result different from the one obtained on the field, the decreed score is counted.

Suspended matches: In the games that are suspended after being started and resumed another day, the players aligned in the resumption that were not aligned in the initial match are counted as substitutes of these, and the minute of the substitution is established at the minute of the suspension.

Matches not played: The games that are canceled and the result is decreed by the committee without being disputed, are not counted in the statistics of the players or coaches.

Canceled matches:All matches are valid for statistics except those that were suspended/canceled for any reason and had to be repeated (in this case, the first match is like it never existed and only the repetition counts).

Draws: Matches decided in penalty shootouts and by flipping a coin are considered as draws for history purposes.

Birthplaces: The birth place of the players/coaches/referees is the town where the parents lived at the time of birth, which may not coincide with what it says on the ID card, given that in some cases, it puts the hospital location where the child was born.

Team short names: Short names do not include additions (such as Real, FC, etc.) except when it is necessary to disambiguate or when it is part of the name by which the team is usually known (Real Madrid, Real Society or Real Union)

Line-up: The line-up of a team in a season consists of the players who have played the most starting matches, with a margin of 10% to favor a moderate number of defenders, midfielders and strikers.

Photos: The ordering of the photographs in the players, coaches and referees profiles is preferably chronological, except in cases where the older photos are of bad quality or black and white. Photos with the clothing of the teams appearing in the trajectory section are always preferable.

Names of localities: Localities are shown in the vernacular (local) language, except in cases where the locality is widely known by its translated name (Brussels, Moscow, etc.).

Historical Classification: The historical classification is calculated as the sum of the classifications of all seasons. In seasons where some matches were later canceled for classification purposes, these are not added to the historical classification (but they do appear in the list of matches of the respective teams).


There exist various ways to contact with the administrator of this website:

Firstly, you can use the contact form.

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For those of you that want to help this site there are different ways to do that, which are the following.

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This website was created in 2008 by Víctor Solà but it would not have gotten anywhere without the help of several collaborators that have provided lots of data, photos and suggestments. Next I show a reduced list of the persons or websites that have contributed most, without forgetting in any case all the other people that have provided information (somtines anonymously) and although not appearing in this reduced list I am also very pleased for them.

Manuel Enric Garcia Albert (mega60)

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