Season 2016-17 Europa League

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Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg28/06/2016Partizani00Slovan Bratislava
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg28/06/2016St Patrick's10Jeunesse d'Esch
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg28/06/2016Käpäz00Dacia
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg28/06/2016Rabotnički11Budućnost
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Slavia Sofia10Zagłębie
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Dinamo Minsk21Spartaks Jūrmala
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Trakai21Kalju
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Sloboda00Beitar Jerusalem
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Atlantas02Helsinki
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Balzan02Neftçi
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Levadia11HB
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Videoton30Zaria Balti
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Banants01Omonia
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Admira11Spartak Myjava
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Bokelj11Vojvodina
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016UE Santa Coloma13Lokomotiva Zagreb
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Ventspils20Víkingur Gøta
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Europa FC20Pyunik
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Aktobe11MTK Budapest
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Dila10Shirak
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Breidablik23Jelgava
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016KR21Glenavon
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016AIK20Bala
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Široki Brijeg11Birkirkara
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Göteborg50Llandudno Town
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016NSÍ02Shakhtyor
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Shkëndija20Cracovia
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Linfield01Cork
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Aberdeen31Fola
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Čukarički30Ordabasy
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016La Fiorita05Debrecen
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Spartak Trnava30Hibernians
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Connah's Quay00Stabæk
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Domžale31Lusitans
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Teuta01Kairat
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Beroe00Radnik
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Shamrock Rovers02RoPS
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Maccabi Tel Aviv30Gorica
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Odd20Mariehamn
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Vaduz31Sileks
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016AEK Larnaca30Folgore
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Kukësi11Rudar Pljevlja
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Qäbälä51Samtredia
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Differdange11Cliftonville
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Zimbru01Chikhura
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Midtjylland10Sūduva
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Valur14Brøndby
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg30/06/2016Hearts21FCI Tallinn
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg05/07/2016Jeunesse d'Esch21St Patrick's
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg05/07/2016Chikhura23Zimbru
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg05/07/2016Birkirkara20Široki Brijeg
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg06/07/2016FCI Tallinn24Hearts
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Spartak Myjava23Admira
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Llandudno Town12Göteborg
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Zaria Balti20Videoton
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Bala02AIK
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Shakhtyor50NSÍ
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Sileks12Vaduz
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Vojvodina50Bokelj
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Hibernians03Spartak Trnava
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Víkingur Gøta02Ventspils
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Cracovia12Shkëndija
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Folgore13AEK Larnaca
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Samtredia21Qäbälä
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Lusitans12Domžale
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Cork11Linfield
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Glenavon06KR
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Cliftonville20Differdange
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Pyunik21Europa FC
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Kairat50Teuta
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Shirak10Dila
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Ordabasy33Čukarički
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Sūduva01Midtjylland
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Budućnost10Rabotnički
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Stabæk01Connah's Quay
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016HB02Levadia
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Rudar Pljevlja01Kukësi
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Jelgava22Breidablik
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Neftçi12Balzan
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Debrecen20La Fiorita
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Helsinki11Atlantas
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Radnik02Beroe
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Spartaks Jūrmala02Dinamo Minsk
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Mariehamn11Odd
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Zagłębie30Slavia Sofia
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Lokomotiva Zagreb41UE Santa Coloma
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Kalju41Trakai
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016RoPS11Shamrock Rovers
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Brøndby60Valur
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Fola10Aberdeen
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Omonia41Banants
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Dacia01Käpäz
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Beitar Jerusalem10Sloboda
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016Gorica01Maccabi Tel Aviv
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg07/07/2016MTK Budapest20Aktobe
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Zimbru22Osmanlıspor
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Shirak11Spartak Trnava
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Kairat11Maccabi Tel Aviv
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Dinamo Minsk11St Patrick's
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Levadia31Slavia Praha
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Neftçi00Shkëndija
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Debrecen12Torpedo Zhodino
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Midtjylland30Vaduz
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Giannina30Odd
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016AIK10Europa FC
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Partizan00Zagłębie
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016KR33Grasshopper
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Austria Wien10Kukësi
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Aberdeen30Ventspils
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Cliftonville23AEK Larnaca
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Hibernian01Brøndby
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Piast03Göteborg
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Videoton20Čukarički
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016MTK Budapest12Qäbälä
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Birkirkara00Hearts
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Slovan Bratislava00Jelgava
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Admira10Käpäz
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Genk20Budućnost
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016CSMS laşi22Hajduk Split
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Vojvodina10Connah's Quay
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Maribor00Levski Sofia
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Beroe11Helsinki
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Shakhtyor11Domžale
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016SønderjyskE21Strømsgodset
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Beitar Jerusalem10Omonia
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Häcken11Cork
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016Maccabi Haifa11Kalju
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg14/07/2016RoPS11Lokomotiva Zagreb
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg20/07/2016Käpäz02Admira
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Slavia Praha20Levadia
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016AEK Larnaca20Cliftonville
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Grasshopper21KR
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Strømsgodset22SønderjyskE
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Levski Sofia11Maribor
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Odd31Giannina
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Omonia32Beitar Jerusalem
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Vaduz22Midtjylland
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Brøndby01Hibernian
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Maccabi Tel Aviv21Kairat
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Göteborg00Piast
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Qäbälä20MTK Budapest
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Europa FC01AIK
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Kukësi14Austria Wien
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Connah's Quay12Vojvodina
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Shkëndija10Neftçi
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Lokomotiva Zagreb30RoPS
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Osmanlıspor50Zimbru
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Spartak Trnava20Shirak
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Kalju11Maccabi Haifa
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Cork10Häcken
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Helsinki10Beroe
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016St Patrick's01Dinamo Minsk
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Čukarički11Videoton
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Budućnost20Genk
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Domžale21Shakhtyor
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Torpedo Zhodino10Debrecen
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Hajduk Split21CSMS laşi
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Hearts12Birkirkara
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Zagłębie00Partizan
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Ventspils01Aberdeen
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg21/07/2016Jelgava30Slovan Bratislava
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Panathinaikos10AIK
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Osmanlıspor10Kalju
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Genk10Cork
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Pandurii13Maccabi Tel Aviv
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Vojvodina11Dinamo Minsk
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Shkëndija20Mladá Boleslav
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Videoton01Midtjylland
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Hertha Berlin10Brøndby
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Grasshopper21Apollon
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016AZ10Giannina
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Domžale21West Ham
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Aberdeen11Maribor
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Luzern11Sassuolo
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Slavia Praha00Rio Ave
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016İstanbul Başakşehir00Rijeka
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Birkirkara03Krasnodar
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Admira12Slovan Liberec
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Zagłębie12SønderjyskE
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Lokomotiva Zagreb00Vorskla
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Austria Wien01Spartak Trnava
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Göteborg12Helsinki
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Torpedo Zhodino00Rapid Wien
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Jelgava11Beitar Jerusalem
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Lille11Qäbälä
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Heracles11Arouca
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Oleksandriya03Hajduk Split
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016AEK Larnaca11Spartak Moscú
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Saint-Étienne00AEK
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg28/07/2016Gent50Viitorul
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg03/08/2016Slovan Liberec20Admira
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Vorskla23Lokomotiva Zagreb
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Krasnodar31Birkirkara
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Spartak Trnava01Austria Wien
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Spartak Moscú01AEK Larnaca
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Midtjylland11Videoton
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Helsinki02Göteborg
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016AEK01Saint-Étienne
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Dinamo Minsk02Vojvodina
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Beitar Jerusalem30Jelgava
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Maribor10Aberdeen
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Brøndby31Hertha Berlin
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Viitorul00Gent
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Rijeka22İstanbul Başakşehir
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Sassuolo30Luzern
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Hajduk Split31Oleksandriya
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Cork12Genk
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016West Ham30Domžale
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Rio Ave11Slavia Praha
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Rapid Wien30Torpedo Zhodino
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Maccabi Tel Aviv21Pandurii
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016SønderjyskE11Zagłębie
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Giannina12AZ
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Mladá Boleslav10Shkëndija
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Qäbälä10Lille
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Arouca00Heracles
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016AIK02Panathinaikos
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Kalju02Osmanlıspor
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg04/08/2016Apollon33Grasshopper
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg17/08/2016Beitar Jerusalem12Saint-Étienne
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Lokomotiva Zagreb22Genk
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Slavia Praha03Anderlecht
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Panathinaikos30Brøndby
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Fenerbahçe30Grasshopper
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Vojvodina03AZ
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Astra11West Ham
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016İstanbul Başakşehir12Shakhtar
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Gent21Shkëndija
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Sassuolo30Crvena Zvezda
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Arouca01Olympiacos
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016AEK Larnaca01Slovan Liberec
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Austria Wien21Rosenborg
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Midtjylland01Osmanlıspor
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Göteborg10Qarabağ
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Qäbälä31Maribor
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Maccabi Tel Aviv21Hajduk Split
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Krasnodar40Partizani
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016SønderjyskE00Sparta Praha
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Dinamo Tbilisi03PAOK
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Astana20Bate Borisov
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg18/08/2016Trenčín04Rapid Wien
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Shkëndija04Gent
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Hajduk Split21Maccabi Tel Aviv
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Bate Borisov22Astana
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Rapid Wien02Trenčín
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Shakhtar20İstanbul Başakşehir
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016West Ham01Astra
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Olympiacos21Arouca
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Saint-Étienne00Beitar Jerusalem
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Crvena Zvezda11Sassuolo
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016PAOK20Dinamo Tbilisi
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Maribor10Qäbälä
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Brøndby11Panathinaikos
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Sparta Praha32SønderjyskE
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Anderlecht30Slavia Praha
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Osmanlıspor20Midtjylland
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Rosenborg12Austria Wien
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Partizani00Krasnodar
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Grasshopper02Fenerbahçe
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Slovan Liberec30AEK Larnaca
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Qarabağ30Göteborg
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016AZ00Vojvodina
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg25/08/2016Genk20Lokomotiva Zagreb
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Panathinaikos12Ajax
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Osmanlıspor20Steaua București
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Astra23Austria Wien
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Konyaspor01Shakhtar
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Qarabağ22Slovan Liberec
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Nice01Schalke 04
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016AZ11Dundalk
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Standard Liège11Celta de Vigo
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Inter02Hapoel Be'er Sheva
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016PAOK00Fiorentina
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Southampton30Sparta Praha
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Salzburg01Krasnodar
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Villarreal21Zurich
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Zorya11Fenerbahçe
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Plzeň11Roma
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Braga11Gent
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Young Boys01Olympiacos
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Sassuolo30Athletic Club
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Feyenoord10Manchester United
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Maccabi Tel Aviv34Zenit
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Rapid Wien32Genk
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Mainz 0511Saint-Étienne
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016Anderlecht31Qäbälä
Groups Phase Day 115/09/2016APOEL21Astana
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Athletic Club10Rapid Wien
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Dundalk10Maccabi Tel Aviv
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Sparta Praha31Inter
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Hapoel Be'er Sheva00Southampton
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Zurich21Osmanlıspor
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Steaua București11Villarreal
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Saint-Étienne11Anderlecht
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Zenit50AZ
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Genk31Sassuolo
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Austria Wien00Plzeň
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Roma40Astra
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Fiorentina51Qarabağ
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Fenerbahçe10Feyenoord
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Manchester United10Zorya
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Olympiacos01APOEL
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Slovan Liberec12PAOK
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Shakhtar20Braga
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Krasnodar52Nice
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Gent20Konyaspor
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Celta de Vigo20Panathinaikos
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Ajax10Standard Liège
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Astana00Young Boys
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Qäbälä23Mainz 05
Groups Phase Day 229/09/2016Schalke 0431Salzburg
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Osmanlıspor22Villarreal
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Hapoel Be'er Sheva01Sparta Praha
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Shakhtar50Gent
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Steaua București11Zurich
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Slovan Liberec13Fiorentina
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Mainz 0511Anderlecht
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Konyaspor11Braga
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Salzburg01Nice
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Krasnodar01Schalke 04
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Inter10Southampton
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Standard Liège22Panathinaikos
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Plzeň12Astra
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Celta de Vigo22Ajax
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Olympiacos41Astana
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Qarabağ20PAOK
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Genk20Athletic Club
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016AZ12Maccabi Tel Aviv
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Young Boys31APOEL
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Saint-Étienne10Qäbälä
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Manchester United41Fenerbahçe
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Roma33Austria Wien
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Feyenoord10Zorya
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Rapid Wien11Sassuolo
Groups Phase Day 320/10/2016Dundalk12Zenit
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Astana11Olympiacos
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Anderlecht61Mainz 05
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Zenit21Dundalk
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Athletic Club53Genk
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Austria Wien24Roma
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Fenerbahçe21Manchester United
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016APOEL10Young Boys
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Sassuolo22Rapid Wien
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Panathinaikos03Standard Liège
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Zorya11Feyenoord
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Maccabi Tel Aviv00AZ
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Villarreal12Osmanlıspor
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Braga31Konyaspor
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Schalke 0420Krasnodar
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Southampton21Inter
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Zurich00Steaua București
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Ajax32Celta de Vigo
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Qäbälä12Saint-Étienne
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Astra11Plzeň
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Sparta Praha20Hapoel Be'er Sheva
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016PAOK01Qarabağ
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Nice02Salzburg
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Fiorentina30Slovan Liberec
Groups Phase Day 403/11/2016Gent35Shakhtar
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Celta de Vigo11Standard Liège
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Genk10Rapid Wien
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Olympiacos11Young Boys
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Austria Wien12Astra
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Manchester United40Feyenoord
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Roma41Plzeň
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Dundalk01AZ
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Athletic Club32Sassuolo
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Krasnodar11Salzburg
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Gent22Braga
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Shakhtar40Konyaspor
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Steaua București21Osmanlıspor
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Saint-Étienne00Mainz 05
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Zurich11Villarreal
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Hapoel Be'er Sheva32Inter
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Astana21APOEL
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Qäbälä13Anderlecht
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Fiorentina23PAOK
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Zenit20Maccabi Tel Aviv
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Fenerbahçe20Zorya
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Slovan Liberec30Qarabağ
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Schalke 0420Nice
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Ajax20Panathinaikos
Groups Phase Day 524/11/2016Sparta Praha10Southampton
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Braga24Shakhtar
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Osmanlıspor20Zurich
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Qarabağ12Fiorentina
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016PAOK20Slovan Liberec
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Villarreal21Steaua București
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Nice21Krasnodar
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Southampton11Hapoel Be'er Sheva
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Panathinaikos02Celta de Vigo
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Inter21Sparta Praha
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Rapid Wien11Athletic Club
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Konyaspor01Gent
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016AZ32Zenit
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Astra00Roma
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Maccabi Tel Aviv21Dundalk
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Mainz 0520Qäbälä
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Anderlecht23Saint-Étienne
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Feyenoord01Fenerbahçe
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016APOEL20Olympiacos
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Plzeň32Austria Wien
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Zorya02Manchester United
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Young Boys30Astana
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Salzburg20Schalke 04
Groups Phase Day 608/12/2016Standard Liège11Ajax
Groups Phase Day 609/12/2016Sassuolo02Genk
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Hapoel Be'er Sheva13Beşiktaş
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Celta de Vigo01Shakhtar
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Ludogorets12København
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Olympiacos00Osmanlıspor
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Borussia Mönchengladbach01Fiorentina
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Rostov40Sparta Praha
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Manchester United30Saint-Étienne
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Villarreal04Roma
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Astra22Genk
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Legia Warszawa00Ajax
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Anderlecht20Zenit
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Athletic Club32APOEL
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017AZ14Olympique Lyon
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017PAOK03Schalke 04
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Gent10Tottenham
Round of 32 First Leg16/02/2017Krasnodar10Fenerbahçe
Round of 32 Second Leg22/02/2017Saint-Étienne01Manchester United
Round of 32 Second Leg22/02/2017Fenerbahçe11Krasnodar
Round of 32 Second Leg22/02/2017Schalke 0411PAOK
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017Sparta Praha11Rostov
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017Tottenham22Gent
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017Shakhtar02Celta de Vigo
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017København00Ludogorets
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017Genk10Astra
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017Zenit31Anderlecht
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017Roma01Villarreal
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017APOEL20Athletic Club
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017Ajax10Legia Warszawa
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017Beşiktaş21Hapoel Be'er Sheva
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017Osmanlıspor03Olympiacos
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017Fiorentina24Borussia Mönchengladbach
Round of 32 Second Leg23/02/2017Olympique Lyon71AZ
Round of 16 First Leg09/03/2017Gent25Genk
Round of 16 First Leg09/03/2017Olympique Lyon42Roma
Round of 16 First Leg09/03/2017Olympiacos11Beşiktaş
Round of 16 First Leg09/03/2017Schalke 0411Borussia Mönchengladbach
Round of 16 First Leg09/03/2017Celta de Vigo21Krasnodar
Round of 16 First Leg09/03/2017APOEL01Anderlecht
Round of 16 First Leg09/03/2017København21Ajax
Round of 16 First Leg09/03/2017Rostov11Manchester United
Round of 16 Second Leg16/03/2017Krasnodar02Celta de Vigo
Round of 16 Second Leg16/03/2017Genk11Gent
Round of 16 Second Leg16/03/2017Borussia Mönchengladbach22Schalke 04
Round of 16 Second Leg16/03/2017Anderlecht10APOEL
Round of 16 Second Leg16/03/2017Ajax20København
Round of 16 Second Leg16/03/2017Roma21Olympique Lyon
Round of 16 Second Leg16/03/2017Manchester United10Rostov
Round of 16 Second Leg16/03/2017Beşiktaş41Olympiacos
Round of 8 First Leg13/04/2017Olympique Lyon21Beşiktaş
Round of 8 First Leg13/04/2017Anderlecht11Manchester United
Round of 8 First Leg13/04/2017Ajax20Schalke 04
Round of 8 First Leg13/04/2017Celta de Vigo32Genk
Round of 8 Second Leg20/04/2017Schalke 0432Ajax
Round of 8 Second Leg20/04/2017Manchester United21Anderlecht
Round of 8 Second Leg20/04/2017Genk11Celta de Vigo
Round of 8 Second Leg20/04/2017Beşiktaş21Olympique Lyon
Semifinal First Leg03/05/2017Ajax41Olympique Lyon
Semifinal First Leg04/05/2017Celta de Vigo01Manchester United
Semifinal Second Leg11/05/2017Olympique Lyon31Ajax
Semifinal Second Leg11/05/2017Manchester United11Celta de Vigo
 NamePos GoalsClub
 Kalifa Coulibaly 9Gent
 Giuliano 8Zenit
 Leon Bailey 7Genk
7Athletic Club
 Łukasz Teodorczyk 7Anderlecht
6Olympique Lyon
 Kasper Dolberg 6Ajax
 Ivan Tričkovski 6AEK Larnaca
 Fedor Smolov 6Krasnodar
 NamePos MinutesClub
 Mbwana Samatta 1384Genk
 Predrag Rajković 1290Maccabi Tel Aviv
 Leander Dendoncker 1290Anderlecht
 Alejandro Pozuelo 1273Genk
 Numan Çürüksu 1260Osmanlıspor
 Dmytro Bezotosniy 1260Qäbälä
 Ricardinho 1260Qäbälä
 Haris Medunjanin 1260Maccabi Tel Aviv
 Badou Ndiaye 1224Osmanlıspor
 Andre Onana 1200Ajax
 NamePos YellowsClub
 Manuel da Costa 6Olympiakos
 Mubarak Wakaso 6Panathinaikos
 Geraldo Alves 5Astra
 Joël Veltman 5Ajax
Ander Herrera
5Manchester United
 Davy Klaassen 5Ajax
 Alejandro Pozuelo 5Genk
 Alberto Botía 5Olympiakos
 Júnior Morais 5Astra
Raúl García
5Athletic Club
 NamePos RedsClub
Eric Bailly
2Manchester United
 Igor Picuşciac 1Zaria Balti
 Rashad Eyubov 1Qäbälä
 Paul-José M'Poku 1Panathinaikos
 Nejc Skubic 1Konyaspor
 Mauro 1Braga
 Eric Botteghin 1Feyenoord
 Kevin Mbabu 1Young Boys
 Roger Cañas 1Astana
 Radim Breite 1Liberec
Goals Per Match:
Yellow Cards:
Bookings Per Match:
Red Cards:
Sent Offs Per Match:
Home wins:
Away wins:
Widest home win:
Widest away win:
Longest winning run:
Shakhtar: 9 Matches
Longest losing run:
Qäbälä: 7 Matches
Longest no losing run:
Saint-Étienne: 10 Matches
Longest no winning run:
Qäbälä: 7 Matches
Last update: 19/05/2017
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