BDFutbol is an independent website dedicated to the recopilation of data and statistics of football, including all the seasons from the first division (beginning from 1928-29), second division starting from season 1943-44 and second division B starting from season 1986-87. There is also data from all European competitions, both current and old. Finally, we also collected all data on the Spanish team, including its youth teams.

The database has been obtained by consulting both official sources and various newspaper archives, specialized publications and partners.

Photographs have been collected selflessly, either from websites, newspapers and newspaper archives, sports magazines (among which we should highlight Don Balón, Calendarios Dinámico and Marca guides), specialized authors books and sticker albums (Panini, ESTE, Bruguera, Ruiz Romero, Fher, etc.).

If we somehow violated the copyright of any person or company, we suggest to contact us to correct the mistake, understanding that it was not made voluntarily (much of the data and photos have been contributed by users and external partners) and with no problem it will be solved.


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This web would not be the same without the help from several collaborators that have provided lots of data, photos and suggestments. Next I show a reduced list of the persons or websites that have contributed most, without forgetting in any case all the other people that have provided information (somtines anonymously) and although not appearing in this reduced list I am also very pleased for them.

Manuel Enric Garcia Albert (mega60)

Domingo Manuel Muñoz Ruiz (Bokeron84)

Juan R. Alvaro

Cristóbal Cañadillas

Francisco Ramis (framis)

Francisco Delgado López (pacovski)

Antonio Chacón (antonio3223)

Gelo Díaz (Geloudrion)

Antonio J. Pamies (@Apamies71)

José Javier Cosidó Reig

José Luis Lorenzo Ortega

David Ruiz Fernández (darko)

Javier Tristán Cardona

Jesús Gallardo Casero (Tomellosocf) Web

Rafael Romero Tarrio (Web)

Manolain (Web)

Paco Alba (becquer99) (Web)

Enrique Fuentes (havok) (Web)

Sergio Muriel (UDAlmeriense)

Igor Agarraberes (dcba)

Alexis Martín-Tamayo (MisterChip)

Oriol Jové

Germán Mínguez

Juanjo Toledo

Juan Algar Trujillo (Grupo Facebook PACO)

Álvaro Vega (@laligaennumeros)

Alberto Julián Socorro Ojeda

David Chordá Argente

Nacho (Web)

Juan José Larramona Valcarce

Xoan Calvinho

Juan Luis Garcia (Web)

Enrique Mera González

Jorge López (Web)

David Navarro (Web)

Miguel Ángel Alonso Pando (Evasion)

Francesc Xavier Ruiz Hierro (Web)

Manuel Torrado Martín

Antonio Valencia Ruiz (arqueroarba)

Manuel Muñiz (McManus)

Toni Aguilera

Alberto Fernández García

Antonio (10Celta)

Alex Latham

Miguel Ángel Pérez

Juan José Franco

Alex Belotti




Javier RC

Javier Alcón

Pableras (Web)


José Luis Verde

José Alberto Salas

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