Season 2016-17 Champions League

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Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg28/06/2016Flora21Lincoln
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg28/06/2016Santa Coloma00Alashkert
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg28/06/2016TNS21Tre Penne
Qualifying Phase 1 First Leg28/06/2016Valletta10B36
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg05/07/2016Alashkert30Santa Coloma
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg05/07/2016B3621Valletta
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg05/07/2016Tre Penne03TNS
Qualifying Phase 1 Second Leg06/07/2016Lincoln20Flora
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg12/07/2016Qarabağ20Dudelange
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg12/07/2016Valletta12Crvena Zvezda
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg12/07/2016Vardar12Dinamo Zagreb
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg12/07/2016Salzburg10Liepāja
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg12/07/2016TNS00APOEL
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg12/07/2016Zrinjski11Legia Warszawa
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg12/07/2016Bate Borisov20Seinäjoki
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg12/07/2016Hapoel Be'er Sheva32Sheriff
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg12/07/2016Dinamo Tbilisi20Alashkert
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg12/07/2016Lincoln10Celtic
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg13/07/2016Partizani11Ferencváros
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg13/07/2016Dundalk11Hafnarfjordur
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg13/07/2016Crusaders03København
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg13/07/2016Olimpija34Trenčín
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg13/07/2016Zalgiris00Astana
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg13/07/2016Rosenborg31Norrköping
Qualifying Phase 2 First Leg13/07/2016Ludogorets20Podgorica
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg19/07/2016Alashkert11Dinamo Tbilisi
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg19/07/2016Sheriff00Hapoel Be'er Sheva
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg19/07/2016APOEL30TNS
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg19/07/2016Liepāja02Salzburg
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg19/07/2016Seinäjoki22Bate Borisov
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg19/07/2016København60Crusaders
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg19/07/2016Crvena Zvezda21Valletta
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg19/07/2016Legia Warszawa20Zrinjski
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg19/07/2016Podgorica03Ludogorets
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg20/07/2016Ferencváros11Partizani
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg20/07/2016Hafnarfjordur22Dundalk
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg20/07/2016Celtic30Lincoln
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg20/07/2016Dinamo Zagreb32Vardar
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg20/07/2016Trenčín23Olimpija
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg20/07/2016Astana21Zalgiris
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg20/07/2016Norrköping32Rosenborg
Qualifying Phase 2 Second Leg20/07/2016Dudelange11Qarabağ
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg26/07/2016Dinamo Zagreb20Dinamo Tbilisi
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg26/07/2016Ajax11PAOK
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg26/07/2016Shakhtar20Young Boys
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg26/07/2016Partizani01Salzburg
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg26/07/2016Plzeň00Qarabağ
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg26/07/2016Sparta Praha11Steaua București
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg26/07/2016Ludogorets22Crvena Zvezda
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg26/07/2016Bate Borisov10Dundalk
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg26/07/2016Rostov22Anderlecht
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg27/07/2016Olympiacos00Hapoel Be'er Sheva
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg27/07/2016Trenčín01Legia Warszawa
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg27/07/2016Astana11Celtic
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg27/07/2016Rosenborg21APOEL
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg27/07/2016Astra11København
Qualifying Phase 3 First Leg27/07/2016Fenerbahçe21Monaco
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg02/08/2016Qarabağ11Plzeň
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg02/08/2016APOEL30Rosenborg
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg02/08/2016Dinamo Tbilisi01Dinamo Zagreb
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg02/08/2016Crvena Zvezda24Ludogorets
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg02/08/2016Dundalk30Bate Borisov
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg03/08/2016Celtic21Astana
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg03/08/2016PAOK12Ajax
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg03/08/2016Legia Warszawa00Trenčín
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg03/08/2016Monaco31Fenerbahçe
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg03/08/2016Anderlecht02Rostov
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg03/08/2016Salzburg20Partizani
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg03/08/2016Young Boys20Shakhtar
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg03/08/2016Hapoel Be'er Sheva10Olympiacos
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg03/08/2016Steaua București20Sparta Praha
Qualifying Phase 3 Second Leg03/08/2016København30Astra
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg16/08/2016Young Boys13Borussia Mönchengladbach
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg16/08/2016Steaua București05Manchester City
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg16/08/2016Dinamo Zagreb11Salzburg
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg16/08/2016Ajax11Rostov
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg16/08/2016København10APOEL
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg17/08/2016Villarreal12Monaco
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg17/08/2016Porto11Roma
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg17/08/2016Ludogorets20Plzeň
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg17/08/2016Dundalk02Legia Warszawa
Qualifying PlayOff First Leg17/08/2016Celtic52Hapoel Be'er Sheva
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg23/08/2016Legia Warszawa11Dundalk
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg23/08/2016Roma03Porto
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg23/08/2016Monaco10Villarreal
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg23/08/2016Plzeň22Ludogorets
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg23/08/2016Hapoel Be'er Sheva20Celtic
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg24/08/2016Borussia Mönchengladbach61Young Boys
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg24/08/2016Salzburg12Dinamo Zagreb
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg24/08/2016Manchester City10Steaua București
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg24/08/2016Rostov41Ajax
Qualifying PlayOff Second Leg24/08/2016APOEL11København
Groups Phase Day 113/09/2016Basel11Ludogorets
Groups Phase Day 113/09/2016Dynamo Kiev12Napoli
Groups Phase Day 113/09/2016PSG11Arsenal
Groups Phase Day 113/09/2016Bayern München50Rostov
Groups Phase Day 113/09/2016Benfica11Beşiktaş
Groups Phase Day 113/09/2016Barcelona70Celtic
Groups Phase Day 113/09/2016PSV01Atlético de Madrid
Groups Phase Day 114/09/2016Tottenham12Monaco
Groups Phase Day 114/09/2016Juventus00Sevilla
Groups Phase Day 114/09/2016Bayer Leverkusen22CSKA
Groups Phase Day 114/09/2016Real Madrid21Sporting CP
Groups Phase Day 114/09/2016Legia Warszawa06Borussia Dortmund
Groups Phase Day 114/09/2016Manchester City40Borussia Mönchengladbach
Groups Phase Day 114/09/2016Porto11København
Groups Phase Day 114/09/2016Club Brugge03Leicester
Groups Phase Day 114/09/2016Olympique Lyon30Dinamo Zagreb
Groups Phase Day 227/09/2016Sporting CP20Legia Warszawa
Groups Phase Day 227/09/2016Leicester10Porto
Groups Phase Day 227/09/2016København40Club Brugge
Groups Phase Day 227/09/2016Sevilla10Olympique Lyon
Groups Phase Day 227/09/2016Borussia Dortmund22Real Madrid
Groups Phase Day 227/09/2016Monaco11Bayer Leverkusen
Groups Phase Day 227/09/2016CSKA01Tottenham
Groups Phase Day 227/09/2016Dinamo Zagreb04Juventus
Groups Phase Day 228/09/2016Atlético de Madrid10Bayern München
Groups Phase Day 228/09/2016Arsenal20Basel
Groups Phase Day 228/09/2016Borussia Mönchengladbach12Barcelona
Groups Phase Day 228/09/2016Celtic33Manchester City
Groups Phase Day 228/09/2016Rostov22PSV
Groups Phase Day 228/09/2016Ludogorets13PSG
Groups Phase Day 228/09/2016Napoli42Benfica
Groups Phase Day 228/09/2016Beşiktaş11Dynamo Kiev
Groups Phase Day 318/10/2016Leicester10København
Groups Phase Day 318/10/2016Olympique Lyon01Juventus
Groups Phase Day 318/10/2016Real Madrid51Legia Warszawa
Groups Phase Day 318/10/2016CSKA11Monaco
Groups Phase Day 318/10/2016Sporting CP12Borussia Dortmund
Groups Phase Day 318/10/2016Dinamo Zagreb01Sevilla
Groups Phase Day 318/10/2016Bayer Leverkusen00Tottenham
Groups Phase Day 318/10/2016Club Brugge12Porto
Groups Phase Day 319/10/2016Bayern München41PSV
Groups Phase Day 319/10/2016Arsenal60Ludogorets
Groups Phase Day 319/10/2016Celtic02Borussia Mönchengladbach
Groups Phase Day 319/10/2016Rostov01Atlético de Madrid
Groups Phase Day 319/10/2016Napoli23Beşiktaş
Groups Phase Day 319/10/2016Barcelona40Manchester City
Groups Phase Day 319/10/2016PSG30Basel
Groups Phase Day 319/10/2016Dynamo Kiev02Benfica
Groups Phase Day 401/11/2016Beşiktaş11Napoli
Groups Phase Day 401/11/2016Borussia Mönchengladbach11Celtic
Groups Phase Day 401/11/2016Manchester City31Barcelona
Groups Phase Day 401/11/2016Benfica10Dynamo Kiev
Groups Phase Day 401/11/2016Basel12PSG
Groups Phase Day 401/11/2016PSV12Bayern München
Groups Phase Day 401/11/2016Ludogorets23Arsenal
Groups Phase Day 401/11/2016Atlético de Madrid21Rostov
Groups Phase Day 402/11/2016Legia Warszawa33Real Madrid
Groups Phase Day 402/11/2016Porto10Club Brugge
Groups Phase Day 402/11/2016København00Leicester
Groups Phase Day 402/11/2016Tottenham01Bayer Leverkusen
Groups Phase Day 402/11/2016Juventus11Olympique Lyon
Groups Phase Day 402/11/2016Borussia Dortmund10Sporting CP
Groups Phase Day 402/11/2016Monaco30CSKA
Groups Phase Day 402/11/2016Sevilla40Dinamo Zagreb
Groups Phase Day 522/11/2016København00Porto
Groups Phase Day 522/11/2016CSKA11Bayer Leverkusen
Groups Phase Day 522/11/2016Sporting CP12Real Madrid
Groups Phase Day 522/11/2016Sevilla13Juventus
Groups Phase Day 522/11/2016Leicester21Club Brugge
Groups Phase Day 522/11/2016Monaco21Tottenham
Groups Phase Day 522/11/2016Dinamo Zagreb01Olympique Lyon
Groups Phase Day 522/11/2016Borussia Dortmund84Legia Warszawa
Groups Phase Day 523/11/2016Celtic02Barcelona
Groups Phase Day 523/11/2016Rostov32Bayern München
Groups Phase Day 523/11/2016Napoli00Dynamo Kiev
Groups Phase Day 523/11/2016Beşiktaş33Benfica
Groups Phase Day 523/11/2016Borussia Mönchengladbach11Manchester City
Groups Phase Day 523/11/2016Arsenal22PSG
Groups Phase Day 523/11/2016Atlético de Madrid20PSV
Groups Phase Day 523/11/2016Ludogorets00Basel
Groups Phase Day 606/12/2016PSG22Ludogorets
Groups Phase Day 606/12/2016Basel14Arsenal
Groups Phase Day 606/12/2016Dynamo Kiev60Beşiktaş
Groups Phase Day 606/12/2016Benfica12Napoli
Groups Phase Day 606/12/2016Manchester City11Celtic
Groups Phase Day 606/12/2016Bayern München10Atlético de Madrid
Groups Phase Day 606/12/2016PSV00Rostov
Groups Phase Day 606/12/2016Barcelona40Borussia Mönchengladbach
Groups Phase Day 607/12/2016Real Madrid22Borussia Dortmund
Groups Phase Day 607/12/2016Bayer Leverkusen30Monaco
Groups Phase Day 607/12/2016Legia Warszawa10Sporting CP
Groups Phase Day 607/12/2016Club Brugge02København
Groups Phase Day 607/12/2016Porto50Leicester
Groups Phase Day 607/12/2016Olympique Lyon00Sevilla
Groups Phase Day 607/12/2016Juventus20Dinamo Zagreb
Groups Phase Day 607/12/2016Tottenham31CSKA
Round of 16 First Leg14/02/2017PSG40Barcelona
Round of 16 First Leg14/02/2017Benfica10Borussia Dortmund
Round of 16 First Leg15/02/2017Real Madrid31Napoli
Round of 16 First Leg15/02/2017Bayern München51Arsenal
Round of 16 First Leg21/02/2017Manchester City53Monaco
Round of 16 First Leg21/02/2017Bayer Leverkusen24Atlético de Madrid
Round of 16 First Leg22/02/2017Porto02Juventus
Round of 16 First Leg22/02/2017Sevilla21Leicester
Round of 16 Second Leg07/03/2017Arsenal15Bayern München
Round of 16 Second Leg07/03/2017Napoli13Real Madrid
Round of 16 Second Leg08/03/2017Barcelona61PSG
Round of 16 Second Leg08/03/2017Borussia Dortmund40Benfica
Round of 16 Second Leg14/03/2017Juventus10Porto
Round of 16 Second Leg14/03/2017Leicester20Sevilla
Round of 16 Second Leg15/03/2017Monaco31Manchester City
Round of 16 Second Leg15/03/2017Atlético de Madrid00Bayer Leverkusen
Round of 8 First Leg11/04/2017Juventus30Barcelona
Round of 8 First Leg12/04/2017Bayern München12Real Madrid
Round of 8 First Leg12/04/2017Borussia Dortmund23Monaco
Round of 8 First Leg12/04/2017Atlético de Madrid10Leicester
Round of 8 Second Leg18/04/2017Leicester11Atlético de Madrid
Round of 8 Second Leg18/04/2017Real Madrid42Bayern München
Round of 8 Second Leg19/04/2017Monaco31Borussia Dortmund
Round of 8 Second Leg19/04/2017Barcelona00Juventus
 NamePos GoalsClub
8Bayern München
8Manchester City
Cristiano Ronaldo
7Real Madrid
7Borussia Dortmund
 Nemanja Nikolić 6Legia Varsovia
 Andreas Cornelius 6Kobenhavn
5Atlético de Madrid
 NamePos MinutesClub
 Cosmin Moţi 1110Ludogorets
 Natanael 1100Ludogorets
 Svetoslav Dyakov 1100Ludogorets
 Scott Brown 1080Celtic Glasgow
 Ludwig Augustinsson 1080Kobenhavn
 Jonathan Cafú 1060Ludogorets
 NamePos YellowsClub
 Petar Stojanovič 5Dinamo Zagreb
 Jonas 5Dinamo Zagreb
 Vadis Odjidja 4Legia Varsovia
 Aleksandr Gatskan 4Rostov
 William Kvist 4Kobenhavn
 NamePos RedsClub
 Mihran Manasyan 1Alashkert
 Serhiy Sydorchuk 1Dynamo Kiev
 Ján Greguš 1Kobenhavn
Claudio Bravo
1Manchester City
1Borussia Mönchengladbach
 Geoffroy Serey Dié 1Basilea
 Petar Stojanovič 1Dinamo Zagreb
 João Pereira 1Sporting Lisboa
Goals Per Match:
Yellow Cards:
Bookings Per Match:
Red Cards:
Sent Offs Per Match:
Home wins:
Away wins:
Longest winning run:
Atlético de Madrid: 5 Matches
Longest losing run:
Dinamo Zagreb: 6 Matches
Longest no losing run:
Juventus: 10 Matches
Longest no winning run:
Celtic Glasgow: 7 Matches
Last update: 26/04/2017
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